It’s not a big monster literally, it’s just a metaphor. Sitting all day is something that most people who have an office job do, and you need to do something about this particular situation. Because if you don’t, then you will quickly start to feel the consequences of this.

This big monster will destroy you if you don’t stop it now. The perfect moment to stop its evil ways is right now before it really kills your health and makes you feel pretty sick.

Sitting All Day Will Kill You

You should know that it will kill you some day. It’s going to destroy you if you don’t do something about it. That’s why this problem needs all of your attention right now. It deserves your full attention if you really want to make this work.

First off, you should start by mitigating the problem when sitting, and a good idea would be to get the RH Logic 400 office chair. You need a good office chair, and that’s a good pick in our opinion and one of the reasons you should get it.

You cannot simply limit the answer to this problem to buying a good office chair. You also need to think about other things, just like walking more. It doesn’t matter if you can do it only for 5 minutes every hour, even something as short as this will make your back pain go away slowly but steadily.

Aim to walk for 5 minutes and you will get excellent results. If you do this for 5 minutes, then at the end of the day you will have walked for around 40 minutes, and if you can do it for 10 minutes, then you will get even better results.

A Big Monster is Hunting You And It’s in Your Office