Today we will be comparing the different models of child prams available for sale at Kinder Buggy tests. There are 5 main types of models which are all their flagship ones. These models ooze of quality, comfort, safety and reliability. The standards of all these are the same with the only and main difference being that of its use and compatibility. We shall be now comparing the few different models of it. Or you can also check them out at

The first up is Knorr baby buggy. This is one sports pram which is usually for athletic parents. It is aerodynamically shaped and even looks like a sports car. It has large wheels which make it easier for rough terrains and it has amazing build quality which makes it strong. The huge sole front wheel makes it easier to turn and can be turned 360 degrees easily. It is priced at a modest 117 Euros which is really a great bargain. The users reviewed it and rated it 79% which shows how strong the views on this one are.

Next up is the Quinny Zapp Xtra 2. This is the most expensive and the highest rated model. It is rated at %89.5 and priced at a bold Euros200000. The thing about this is that it is an all terrain pram. The material is flexible, the seats can be reclined and it is really light weight. It has a huge shopping basket, a 5-point harnessing seat belt and light weight but agile and strong material. The seat provides the child comfort and the harness provides safety. One parent commented on the website that they have used it in city and in the forest as well while travelling and it is easily foldable and can be used on all terrains very easily. These are just 2 of the many models up for sale at Kinder Buggy Tests. You can check them out at the above mentioned link.

A Drop in The Ocean: 2 of The Many Types of Prams