We always advise our readers to take the laws of traffic seriously and especially not be intoxicated and drive because there are serious consequences of that. DUI charges or arrest is made when the driver is found to be impaired because of alcohol consumption or drug usage.

It is a pretty serious charge and the punishment ranges from probation to time in jail and serious penalties. The first thing that you should do regarding DUI charges is to avoid such a thing and never drink and drive and the other thing that you can do if you are arrested for DUI charges is to hire a lawyer because that is all that you can do once you have been charged.

There are specific lawyers that handle such cases and they are usually known as DUI lawyer Fresno who are skilled in this particular aspect of legal field. A police officer just does not go and arrest you and there is a whole process so let us have a look at that.

The Test

As we mentioned above, an officer does not just go ahead and arrest you, there is a whole procedure that they follow. The police would first see if a car is not abiding the laws of traffic and if it is not then they will stop the car. After the driver gets out of the car, the officer would judge the appearance and manner of speech of the person to see if there are any signs that you are intoxicated and if they do think that you are then you will have to go through chemical testing.


You will be taken to a jail where your information would be lodged in the logs and you might have to spend time in jail or you can set bail.

A Guide on Driving Under The Influence Process