Welcome to the official website of OFFSHORE MUSIC – an IFPI registered label by the Swiss publishing company Andy Prinz Pro Audio Publishing, mainly focussed on electronic, dance and popular music. The label is powered by some of the leading music producers and writers in Europe – people who believe in the power of music and that are dedicated to make a difference through the medium; people who share the same goals keeping in mind that music remains the initial purpose of work. Our company’s basic aim is to generate and promote good music in various styles, act as a platform for new talent and cooperate with other companies to build mutually beneficial business relationships with the aforementioned credo in mind.

AP Pro Audio Publishing was founded by Andy Prinz in 2001, the label Offshore Music in Spring 2004. Since then, the company has made many achievements in the international music business, especially in the EDM scene. Numerous productions have found their way onto highly acclaimed compilations by the likes of Ministry of Sound, Sony-BMG, Warner Music, EMI Music or Avex Japan and some of those productions also entered the (club) charts and various DJ playlists.

The company’s vision is to attain international recognition through its global business approach as well as through continuous delivery of high quality and unique music productions. Since the beginning of 2006, Andy Prinz Pro Audio entered a strategic alliance with the Swiss label Sonic Content focusing on exploitation of artist and compilation albums through Sonic Content’s Swiss sales and distribution Partner EMI Music Switzerland. This close cooperation not only aggrevates both label’s position on the Swiss market but also strengthens Sonic Content’s catalogue exposure in other territories through Offshore Music’s foreign sales and marketing channels. The combined catalogue of both companies exceeds 600 tracks, ranging from Dance (House, Trance), Chillout and Jazz-Lounge to Pop and Rock.

Since 2006, the company also works closely and directly with EMI Music Switzerland as Andy Prinz Pro Audio is compiling, clearing and producing the audio content of numerous Swiss compilations for them (including the most successful national dance compilation, the Street Parade CD). Both the label and the publishing division of the company are now located within the EMI offices in Zurich.

In 2008, the company will strengthen its position as an international publisher and broker/consultant and reduce its own label activities drastically. The Trance releases are going to be handled by Offshore Music Egyptian Edition (A&R is Fadi Wassef, known from the project Aly & Fila).