If you are in to drones and helicopters then you should definitely check this out, it is from one of the latest collection and is called ‘Air Hogs Pocket Copter’. It is by far the best and most reviewed helicopter. It is designed in green and black which makes it different from other helicopters and it helps to catch some attention too.

It is a 2 channel helicopter and you can even fly it indoor and to make it work its charger requires 6 AA batteries and 3 more batteries are required for the controller, once these are fixed in it, it is ready to fly. It is small in size, it is less than 4 inches and you can carry it easily to where ever you want, can even pack it in a storage box. To make it work you do not have to go through anything as it is user friendly and is extremely easy to use, it has a horizontal rubber stick, vertical motion sticks and for spin control there are trim buttons. Its whole body is made of plastic and it very light in weight, that’s why it is very portable and easy to handle.

People really appreciate and love this helicopter as this small device is very entertaining and it does not even cost much. People have rated this device 4 out of 5 and are in love with it, they say it is very easy to use and they also recommend it to others as well. So, if you need some entertainment in your life and you need a helicopter then you should definitely check this out and should go for it. If you need any more details and information about it then you should check out its reviews and should also see its review videos.

Air Hogs Pocket Copter