Many of us find ourselves in the situation where we are left without a car due to one reason or the other. In today’s car has become a common necessity because people tend to commute a lot from one destination to another. But how would they travel if they have no car of their own? Well the best answer to this question is rental cars!

What is a Rental Service?

enterpriseNow you may wonder what rental cars are. As the name suggests, these are the cars that you can rent. They are generally provided by an agency which has contracts or partnership with other car companies and these are generally located all over a city, especially near airports. A key point about this car rental is that they are rented for a short time as they are for the people who have sold their car, do not own a car, the car got damaged due to an accident, when people visit other cities and they need transport etc.

The rental service is not only limited to cars, many company covers the whole lot of rental by providing vans or trucks for small moving businesses who need the vehicle temporarily. Many of the car rental companies provide motorbikes and scooters too, depending upon the client’s need.

Some of the rental companies provide an additional service of pick and drop of the rented vehicles.

Extra Products

It differs from company to company but many of them tend to provide extra facilities such as Wi-Fi, cellphones, entertainment units, navigation system, child seats, insurance, global positioning system (GPS) etc.


The earliest record of rented car dates back to 1904. In 1912, a German company named as Sixt, started offering rental services, operating with just three cars. Then the industry saw a boom after WW II and many well-known rental companies emerged.

An Introduction to Car Rental and Its History