If you are reading this article, you are either tired of having to sit in uncomfortable chairs and sofas and are looking for a better alternative for the sake of your back or you have an old gaming chair and are looking to upgrade it to something better. Now DXRacer gaming chairs are considered to be amongst some of the best gaming chairs one can buy. Given that they have been around for so long, they charge more than other options, however, the price is usually worth it.

Now the DXRacer F-series came out after the DXRacer racing series and they both do happen to have their differences and advantages. Now the DXRacer racing series can be used by individuals’ upto 6’1” in height. However, the F-series are designed to cater to people that are shorter in height. So individuals at 5’10” and below can make use of this series since it is made specifically for them. Now the designers behind DXRacers understand that a single chair design cannot be used by people of all weights and heights because there is no way a single chair type can provide all of them the same level of comfort.

The F-series happens to have a higher backrest, which allows people to have support all over their back, regardless of their height, minimizing the chances of back pains or muscle stiffness afterwards. Now the dimensions for all of the models of the F-series happens to be the same as composed to previous series, however they are still different when it comes to different parts and components. You can check out the dimensions more clearly by visiting their official website. You can even look up the DXRacer F-Series review by looking at blogs or pages that are run by professional gamers.

An Introduction to The DXRacer F-Series Gaming Chairs