Radio controlled planes have a lot of aspects one needs to consider before spending at least 500 bucks on these things. Therefore, you should take your time to evaluate all the aspects before you rush into buying them and bringing them home because I know you can’t wait to fly!

Amongst dimensions, version, weight, stabilization, range, motor, transmitter and receiver, battery, functions and all the other things, the engine of the plane is one good thing to choose before you head out to evaluate the other categories.


For those of you who are unaware, the engine is what will basically give your aircraft enough power to take off, stabilize in the air, maneuver through air resistance and keep it airborne.

Electric RC Plane

Electric radio controlled airplanes are fairly simple. They are less messy, easy to operate and good for beginners. They are also usually less noisy, have lesser flying restrictions, and are safer to fly.They comprise of a battery, a motor, an electric speed controller and could even come with a gear box. These electric motors are the source of energy to propel your planes.

Nitro RC Plane

These type of radio controlled planes are a little more complicated. This is why they are more realistic and good for intermediate or advanced flyers. The good thing about them is that they do not rely on batteries so they can fly for longer period of time, depending on the amount of fuel.

They use the engine system like a real one with mostly 2 stroke pistons to generate energy in the engine cycle.

Whether you want to go for an electric or a nitro RC plane or just want to find out more about it, is where you can get them from.

Are You Confused About Whether to Get an Electric or a Nitro RC Plane?