Our bodies cells are made up of fluids and they constitute the major water percentage in our body other than that is found in our blood vessels. Water is needed for our body to function properly and perform various actions such as pumping the heart in the entire body, generating oxygen flow, and making sure each organ gets moist. When you drink less water than what your body excretes every day through urination and sweating you become dehydrated. Many people don’t take their doctors advice of drinking 8 glasses of water daily and this is the reason they end up feeling exhausted quickly. Dehydration is more dangerous for your body and mind than you think and it can lead to several complications such as blood clots and seizures.

Along with the most common reasons that can leave your body dry that include vomiting and diarrhea, excessive sweating is also a culprit of this disorder. Our body’s natural cooling down system when it gets warm is to excrete fluids through our sweat glands that are present in the entire body. When you sweat not only does your body become deficient in essential salts and minerals but you can even feel exhausted.

If you go to bathroom more frequently then you consume water, then there could be risk of diabetes as it expels sugar along with various fluids from the body. Diabetic patients are often prescribed natural salts and additional minerals that make-up the mineral and water deficit in the body. If you there is a lack of clean water source in your area, there might be a chance that you are missing out on important timings. For best private labeled water, try out the brand of Custom Water in the US.

Are You Wondering What Can Cause Dehydration in Your Body?