Immobility is a condition with any number of causes and reasons, but the point of it is the same. You feel difficulty in trying to move your body the way you used to be able to or it just be downright impossible for you to do it at all. At times like these, we feel a huge mental burden on our shoulders as we no longer feel capable and eventually motivated in doing anything when we require assistance for the simplest of things like going to the next room. There are physical therapy sessions to help those suffering from these difficulties to literally get back on their feet.

Dry needling is another technique used by these therapists to treat movement impairments and pain. The reason it received such a name is due to the fact that the needle actually used in the procedure has no medications or injections accompanying it unlike those at the hospital. These needles are inserted directly to the muscle areas of the skin. It isn’t what many know as acupuncture however, that is based off a different form of medical treatment. The purpose of this needle is to hit a trigger point and stimulate it once more. These points are unfortunately otherwise incapable of being manipulated.

Alongside dry needling, there are many ways for one to go about physical therapy to get the most out of it. The sooner you’re on the road to recovery, the better you’ll feel and you will probably even save money on the way there too. When your car isn’t working, you’re going to take it to a mechanic to get it checked out. Our bodies are also like a working engine that just needs a physical therapist to look at it so that they can get it working.

Better Than Before