Buoys are laid in a lake, river or an ocean to make navigation of vessels easier, these can differ in size and material but purpose is the same, it is to make the navigation easier and according to many navigation would not be possible if proper buoys are not placed properly, people who regularly visit lakes or ocean are aware of the importance of these buoys, these prevent people from getting lost in vast lakes and that is the case with lake union too, Lake union in Seattle is a center of attention for many fishermen especially in the fishing season, people from Seattle and other states head to lake union to fish and even take parts in competitions, Buoys are a part of identity for this famous lake.

Buoys in Lake Union ensure that you don’t get lost and navigate through the entire lake properly, if you are from Seattle or any neighboring state and you are headed to lake Union for fishing then you would surely come across two rows of orange buoys, these are not permanent as these are in the ocean but there under an agreement with the state department, the state is in agreement with the Muckleshoot tribe to mark their fishing grounds and it is for that particular identification, it is not an issue for the long term and that doesn’t mean that you cannot go to Lake union and fish.

People have been posting this question so frequently that the local authorities have come out and put some clarification, fly fishing is still done at Lake Union and it continues to be one of the most popular places to fish in Seattle as people are always looking for largemouth bass and rainbow trout.

Buoys Make Navigation Easy