Buying a gaming laptop requires you to make a budget and a bit of a research before eventually going out to buy it, narrowing the search is always important and the basis of search should always be budget, you can search for hundreds of different brands and models but if they exceed your pocket range then it is of no use, searching this way makes it much more relevant and makes the search more fruitful, a budget of $1500 is ideal for a standard gaming laptop, in this range you will get a machine which will not disappoint you.

If you are out to buy a gaming machine then you should be really clear about your requirements and always look for a machine which has a powerful processor, great graphics and a 14-17 inches screen, mostly people are only concerned about the graphic card, that is really important but along with that speed and the right screen is also crucial, a gaming laptop under the budget of $1500 should have a 2.4GHz-3.4GHZ and a core i7, this is the least you could ask for when spending around $1500, the GPU is the most important thing in a gaming laptop, if other features are up to the mark and the graphic processing unit is not really up to it, you will never be able to enjoy your games, even if the speed and everything is there but the real feel of the game is through the graphic processing unit.

Apart from the most basic things which are speed and graphics, battery timing is also very important, if you are able to buy a machine which has a Lithium Ion battery and remain in the budget you have decided then it is much better, read full article about buying a gaming machine under $1500 at

Buying a Gaming Laptop