If you are looking for new appliance for your kitchen, including getting a new microwave oven, then you should really consider getting an over the range microwave oven or even a drawer microwave oven. If you do not know what those are; an over the range microwave oven is a microwave oven that is fit in between the kitchen cabinets, usually right over the stove; and a drawer microwave oven is a microwave oven that is fit in place of one of the drawers below the counter.

Both of these designs are a sleek and modernized look for the kitchen that is aiming to give you a minimalistic and futuristic look to your kitchen. The look in itself is a good enough reason to get either one of these microwaves. They give your entire kitchen a sleeker and smoother functioning look as you will not have randomly propped appliances on top of the counter taking up lot of counter space. Both of these types of microwaves are designed to be space savers for your kitchen.

You will also have a number of other benefits that you would not get with a regular on the counter microwave oven. With a good over the range microwave oven, like the Samsung OTR microwave, you can get a number of other functions from them, like a ventilator that is fit in to the bottom of the microwave so that is can get rid of any steam or smoke that is released while cooking. You will also be able to get a cooking helper and personal assistant in the form of these microwaves as they have built in reminders and cooking styles that they can help with. If you have a certain style of cuisine you tend to make a lot, these microwaves can help make those dishes with you.

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