We all have different plans for our future, some of us want to settle down as soon as possible while others want to only start thinking about marriage only after they have reached a certain point in life and none of them are wrong. Marriage is not a little thing, it is one of the most important contracts we enter and we want to make sure that we are ready for it rather than rushing into it.

Once you finally find that in your partner and you both make the decision to get married, you have one more hurdle to go through, which is planning your wedding. Regardless of whether you want to hold a grand wedding or a smaller and intimate one, you want to make sure that all your details are sorted out. When it comes to picking your wedding photographer, you want to make sure that you know them properly before you choose them.

  • Ask around your social circle and ask them about their experience with their own wedding photographers and check their wedding album.
  • Allocate your budget and ask for their price point and how long they will be at the venue, be it just the wedding or including the reception or if there will be separate charges etc.
  • Look at their portfolio but take it one step further and examine their work for venues that are similar to like your own. This lets you know how they will work under the same lighting and area etc. For example, if you have a beach wedding, check out their beach wedding shots or if you have dimly lit venue, check out their work in these kind of venues.
  • Ask yourself if you want portrait style and posed pictures or more candid pictures for your wedding and then keep that preference in mind while going through their portfolio.
Choosing Your Wedding Photographer