Rent 1 is one the finest rental services in the United States. There is no job their highly efficient team can’t handle. From upscale projects to small scale projects – they have it all covered. From sewer evacuation repair to emergency drain repair, they can do it all.

Heavy equipment rental companies can cost you a fortune but Rent 1 knows cares and knows how to deal with extra charges. They not only try to avoid them but also moderate their rates time to time. Below are their rates of operators available.

Mini Excavator Operators
Rent 1’s mini excavator operators have years of experience under their belt and are highly skilled in their respective field.

Rate: $80/hr-$110/hr
Minimum hours: 4

Skid Steer Operator
You can call now at 604 542 2626 and have a word with our best skid steer operators. We assure you that the task you assign them with will be done as asked.

Rate: $85/hr – $100/hr
Minimum Hours: 4

Crane Operators
Rent 1’s crane operators are the best ones in the lower mainland. They can demonstrate their services for you so you can choose better.

Rates: $110/hr – $150/hr
Minimum Hours: 4

Graders Operators
Grading process can be tough. All you require is a grading operator. Get in contact with Rent 1 and book yours now. Either your job is residential or commercial; their operator will help you with asphalt, dirt, precise grade, or rough grade.

Loader Operators
Rent 1’s operators have experience in both residential and commercial jobs. They are experienced when it comes to tasks such as grading, grubbing, site prep, and demolishing.

Rates: $95/hr – $115/hr
Minimum Hours: 4

Roller Operator
Rollers operators at Rent 1 are fully skilled in their area of expertise. They are certified and are capable of tackling all kinds of issues.

Rates: $110/hr – $150/hr
Min Hours: 4

Competitive Rates Offered By Rent 1 Equipment Rental