Technology is a double edged sword; it’s making our lives easier and more effective but it’s also making us too dependent on it. At this point our future without it is very uncertain. Ultimately, one can always argue that technology is what you make of it; you can benefit from it or let it ruin you, but does the same apply to our pets?

These days you can get automatic feeding machines that take care of feeding your pets for you; sounds great doesn’t it? But then again, many pet owners have mixed feelings about these things; think about it, would you rather have an auto cat feeder take over the moments when your cat turns to you for food? A lot of us see our pets as our children and we love watching them eat and become happy.

An auto cat feeder can take away some quality time between you and your cat but then again, it’s necessary too. If you’re busy and at work all the time and are worried about your pets eating on time, then this kind of a machine is actually something you should really have. You could just leave a bowl out for your pet to eat out of all day but that can lead to your pet either overeating or just spilling food everywhere.

An auto cat feeder can eliminate this mess for you and make sure that your pet only eats the portions that it’s supposed to and only at mealtimes. As for the quality time you’re losing to these machines? Well, if the only time you interact with your pet is feeding time, then that’s kind of sad. You should have lots of time to play with your pet even when it’s not hungry!

Could This Be The Future of Pet Care?