When you talked over the idea of having a family with your partner, you were probably pretty excited because let’s face it, it is a pretty important chapter in one’s life. So, regardless of whether it happened quickly or if you have to try for months or years to get there, once you get that positive result on the pregnancy kit, it can be one of the happiest moments of your life. Having a baby, especially when you’re being pregnant with your first child can be equal parts exciting and terrifying because you are after all holding a life within you, one that depends on you and the decisions you choose to make.

Dealing with pregnancy is not easy, no matter what the media or the people around you say, it isn’t just rubbing your stomach as you read out loud or eating whatever you want to eat. The first trimester can be a very difficult time because you’re struggling with nausea and a lot of other problems that make it difficult to maintain a proper diet. Plus, with your body going through so many changes, it can get overwhelming. Your bladder becomes weaker, your skin becomes irritated, dry and you can see stretchmarks on you as well. Some women end up developing other complications and have to spend their time on bedrest. So, you want to make sure that you take the right diet and visit your doctor regularly. Sleeping also becomes an issue in pregnant women, this is where a maternity pillows step in, when shopping for one, make sure you buy a great pregnancy pillow because it is important to get enough rest and sleep during this time. Lastly, do not worry too much, try to enjoy this time period and countdown the days till you can finally hold your little one in your arms.

Dealing With Your First Pregnancy