Back in the days, air con used to be a luxury which few could afford but now almost every house has it due to reasonable rates. Also with the changing climate of the world, in many parts of the world, air con has become a necessity. You would find that in regions with boiling temperatures, people cannot spend a minute without air conditioners hence they have them installed in every place used by humans.

Global warming does not equal to hot climate but it also means the change of climate in cold regions i.e. the temperatures dropping unusually. Due to the extreme temperature, heating systems are required otherwise people would either get sick or freeze to death.

It is a common misconception that air conditioning means a system which cools the air but that is only partly true. As the name suggests, the system conditions the air which means that it can convert the air into either warm or cold air. In other words, air conditioning means the system which includes heating, cooling and ventilation. The system is handled by professionals who offer heating and cooling service in Sarasota FL and other areas too.

Most of the air conditioning units have both the heating and cooling systems combined so that the user does not have to buy two separate systems. The user can easily switch between the two systems and control the temperate according to his liking. These units are calling air conditioners, air cons or ACs.

A special liquid in the evaporator coil converts into a gas when it collides with heat which is then transferred over into the room. In the heating system, the refrigeration process is reversed i.e. the evaporator coil becomes the condenser and produces heat and the condenser acts as an evaporator coil.

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