When it comes to adding more tools for people who happen to own a workshop or want more tools in their garage, having the best router tables is one valuable investment or addition. In the market, there are so many competitors who make router tables, each possessing different qualities and having different specs and obviously they are also available according to the level of usage. Since there are different varieties available it gives you a lot more options to choose from, this way you can easily get to choose the one that would fit your needs and budget. Due to technological advances there have been several evolutions in router tables and they have become quite handy for the consumers. There are several different kinds of router tables available in the market. Following are some of the best router tables and its kinds that are available in the market.

Benchtop Router Table

One of the top notch router tables available in the market at the current time are benchtop router table. The best thing about benchtop router table is that the workplace that it provides is pretty spacious and has enough room to work properly.

Floor Standing Router Table
For those of you who are looking for a smaller router table or a router table that does not take up a lot of space then floor standing router table can be of great use for them. Especially when it comes to saving space. Although the one downside that it has is that it does not give you a proper benchtop so your workplace is pretty confined unless you have a separate workbench for that purpose.

Extension Router Table
For those of you who already have a sufficient workspace and want to expand it then having an extension router table would be a suitable option.

Different Kinds of Router Tables Available In the Market