Since garage doors are a fixture and many of them are operated through mechanical means that is why many companies like ZIP Garage Doors in Medford OR exist which deal in all problems related to garage doors. The existence of such companies is a blessing because if a problem occurs in a garage door, it cannot be solved by a normal handyman and only special a technician would be able to work it out.

Coming back to garage doors and its types; there are three main categories of garage doors which can be seen around the globe. Below, we have given their specifications and how they operate so that our readers can learn more.

Single Paneled Garage Door
They are often called monolithic doors because they are made from one piece of material. When it is opened from a closed position, it slides inwards towards the ceiling of the garage. A point to note is that part of the process takes place outside the garage so it can hit something.

Sectional Garage Doors
They do not occupy more space than the above one and are made from three to eight panels joined together. When opened, they converge and slide up. The appealing feature is that they do not require outside space to open and close. The panels of the door are individually connected to the door track which makes it more reliable.

Roller Doors
Roller doors are pulled up and down by a spring mechanism which requires not much human effort. Every door has a preloaded spring present inside the rolling mechanism. They are generally made of steel but sometimes with fiberglass etc. In most of the world, when a large roller door is installed, it operated by using a pulley to open and close it.

Different Types Of Garage Doors And Their Explanation