2015-nice-glass-pipes-heady-slim-hand-blownAs mentioned before a lot of the times people who are new to smoking tend to change and smoke different substances and use different mediums for smoking before finally settling for the one that they like the best. Previously we talked about how high quality glass pipes are the best thing for smoking and have a lot of advantages. However we think it would be fair if you look at both sides of the coins, just like any other product even the best of glass pipes and the high quality glass pipes have some sort of disadvantage attached to them. Here, we will be listing down the disadvantages or drawbacks of using high quality glass pipes for smoking. Although there are not many but they are there and it would be best that you make an informed decision keeping in mind the disadvantages as well as advantages so you know how to tackle if any issue arises. Following are some of the disadvantages of using glass pipes for smoking.

Heavy on the Pocket

The main concern people have with high quality glass pipes is that they are a bit on the expensive side. The ones that are cheaper are not of good quality so it is better to invest in the good quality ones but they will be a blow on your pocket so you need to keep that in mind.


Another downside of using glass pipes is that they are made out of a material that is actually fragile and can be broken very easily. For this particular reason a lot of people shy away from investing their money in glass pipes. Although the experience of using a glass pipe is worth it because of the taste and the feeling you get from it.

Disadvantages of Using Glass Pipes for Smoking