Getting more done in less is something which all of us crave but very few of us achieve, it all comes down to a few basic things which one needs to follow if he/she is to achieve more productivity and optimize the time, these things are basic yet so effective and it is surprising how many of us tend to forget the importance of such important and effective things, if you have attended any productivity summit or seminar, or you are searching for videos which would provide productivity tips then you would come across a number of similar points through different resources and if these points are summarized these are principally based on maintaining a schedule, staying focused and motivated and sticking to the pre decided routine, now as simple as these things might seem these are sometimes hard to achieve especially when we don’t really realize the importance of these things.

These are the most general and commonly preached tips to optimize your time, but what if you are already doing it and still you are behind on schedule on every front, it is possible that you must be skipping one of the three or more guidelines, for instance waking up on schedule but not staying focused on whatever you are doing right now, that is something very common, especially with the use of social media, the most important thing which influenced my routine and helped me do more in less time is limiting the use of my cell phone, I have defined hours in which I can check my phone otherwise I don’t spend half of my day checking social media websites, honestly each of the given tip helped me optimize my time but none more than my personal tip which is to limit the use of cell phone to check social media websites.

Doing More in Less Time