Have you ever felt nauseous at home for no particular reason? Perhaps you’ve experienced dizziness while getting up or this random lightheadedness? Some people even suffer from the occasional headache or just a general discomfort at one side of their heads. All these random discomforts can be attributed to one thing that we have at nearly all of our homes these days – EMR. EMR stands for Electro Magnetic Radiation and it’s emitted by a number of different gadgets and devices throughout your home.

As we keep coming up with newer gadgets with improved technology, the rate of EMR in your average household has also increased significantly. We can thank wireless devices for this more than anything else. Your toaster probably wouldn’t emit nearly half as many harmful radiations as your Wi-Fi router would since it is a device that’s meant to throw signals in every part of your house.

On top of this, each member of your household has gadgets of their own, including smartphones, gaming consoles and even Bluetooth speakers and such. As a result, there’s too much EMR in the air that you and your family are exposed to. By now you’re probably wondering why we should be worried about EMR this much. To put thing as simply as possible; exposure to too much EMR can result in various forms of cancer.

EMR has a high decay rate and if you’re close enough to an electronic device for prolonged periods, it can get past your skin. The best way to keep yourself safe from your own devices and gadgets is to invest in EMR radiation protection. These products can coat your devices and greatly reduce the amount of EMR that they radiate as you use them.

EMR – Something We Need to Worry More About