The best way to ascertain an individual’s eligibility for anything is to make him take a test regarding the particular topic. The method of testing has been around for centuries. Even in the olden times, if there were no academic tests, there were tests of skills which show that human beings have always had the method to gauge a person’s abilities and skills.

Following this thinking, tests were created and are still used by different institutions of different fields in academic and professional life both. The method is effective in assessing people’s capabilities and is the best method if one wants to narrow down a pool to qualified individuals only.

Now we explained why tests are taken and how they can be productive, let us come to GMAT. The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test. It was invented by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in 1953. In the first year, it was only taken around 2,000 times but now it is estimated that each year it is taken around 230,000 times around the globe by different institutes and programs.People prepare for the test by buying a GMAT prep book or by studying online.

Let us see how many parts GMAT is divided into and what does each part include.

Analytical Writing
The timing of this part is 30 minutes only after which you cannot continue on this part. The part includes an argument which the test taker has to dissect to determine the reasoning and thinking behind it and put his own opinion forward.

Integrated Reasoning
In this section, the person has to decipher data which is in different forms like graphs, tables, multi-source and two parts. He has to analyze all of it and present it in an understandable form. This section is pretty new and was included in the test in 2012 because it was deemed necessary that business students should be able to analyze data of different formats.

Quantitative Section
To be able to do well in this part, the student must know the basics of algebra; geometry and arithmetic because he would be required to reason, solve problems and interpret data quantitatively.

Verbal Portion
The questions in this portion are MCQs and five options are given out of which the correct answer must be chosen. The question types are comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction.

Everything You Need To Know About Graduate Management Admission Test And How It Works