For all the rising music producers out there who are more and more invested in creating the best and the latest styles of R&B instrumentals as hip-hop genre is very in these days. A subgenre of hip-hop is known as Trap music which is quite literally gaining more popularity than anything else. If you take a look at the history of trap music you will realize that US is quite rich in this genre of music. Another thing that a lot of people are not aware of is that Trap music originated as a rebellious movement against the mainstream music of that time.

The R&B instrumentals and trap beats are one of the most popular subgenre of music. The concept of trap has not been the oldest one, it originated in the 90s but the major rise in popularity that is saw was during the past few years when it was mixed with EDM, Dubstep and other dance music cultures. The areas in which trap music originated from is far south. The genre itself represents rebelliousness and gives off vibes of attitudes that are built to go against the norms.

There are a variety of instruments used in the making of trap music but the ones that stand out the most are the beats that come out of Rolan TR-808 which is basically a drum machine. There are many big articles out there who are also the founding fathers of trap music genre.

Although there are traditional styles of Trap beats but now the music has evolved and is now mixed to create a perfect blend of EDM and trap beats, which has become the part of mainstream music in today’s world and has changed the way people used to perceive the genre.

Everything You Need to Know About Music Production And Trap Beats