Before you go into the details of fire bowls, the first thing you should know is that fire bowls are not in any way fire pits. Fire pits are completely different, they are fueled by burning wood. However, fire bowls, on the other hand, are smokeless and are powered by gas.

The convenient thing about fire bowls is that depending on which type of gas is used in your house, your fire bowl can be fueled by the same gas. The most common fuel include natural gas and propane.

Fire bowls are simple and easy to make, you can visit to get creative DIY ideas. Copper, bronze, stainless steel, and corten steel provide the best durability for fire bowls, it is very important that whatever material you choose for building your fire bowl, it should complement the architecture of your house.

Besides building a fire bowl you can also opt for a water bowl, a water bowl can work as a beautiful fountain, and it can also use both fire and water at the same time.

A fire bowl has another advantage over a fire pit, besides being smokeless it also does not create sparks and ember, which makes it convenient to place on your decks and patios, without the risk of starting a fire. Other than that, you can get creative with your fire bowls, you can insert decorative materials that will last as long as your fire pit. You can use rocks, metals, concrete, and they look beautiful. Depending on your budget you can go an extra mile to make your fire bowl look more attractive.

Even though fire bowls are completely safe for adults, however, if you have children at your place make sure to place a safety screen on your fire bowls.

Facts About Fire Bowls