According to the US Department of Energy; the worth of electricity that is used in the US is 16 billion dollars but all of that electricity is wasted but it is still billable which means that the people of America pay (more than 16 billion dollars) for electricity that they do not even use which sounds like a complete waste of energy and money. The problem is caused because of the copper wiring through which electricity travels which causes the electric meter to consume more electricity than it requires. The problem is that the copper wiring of the house and other structures cannot be changed so what should one do to save his/her bills? The answer to predicament is to buy an Electric Saver 1200 which is the perfect device as it saves up the extra electricity and stores it for later use which causes a decrease the amount of money charged in electric bills.

Electric Saver 1200 is a great way to save energy but if you want to protect your house or business place from power surges then you should buy it because it acts as the best whole house surge protection. If you buy this product from Glen Hough who is in Okeechobee, you will get a lot of benefits of the device so let us have a look.

Production in US
This specific product is made in the US which is a proof its good quality and it is BBB accredited.

Safe to Use
You should not worry if the device would end up damaging any of your electrical wiring or appliances because it won’t as it has been tested by government trained inspector and the testing is done all the time and it is also CuL and UL listed.

Features of Electric Saver 1200