Pregnancy is truly a blessing it ends in the parents gaining a tiny human being which they consider the cutest in the whole wide world. It is commonly known that giving birth can be a scary process but nobody can deny the miracle of life. It is fascinating how a tiny egg can grow enough to be a complete human baby. This astounding process takes place inside a woman’s stomach which becomes the home of the baby for 9 months. The baby is then born either by natural delivery or an operation which is called as the cesarean surgery.

We will take you on a journey of women’s pregnancy cycle and when you should use the urine gender test for baby by Organic Gender.

Pregnancy weeks: 1 to 8th

These are the very early months in which the baby starts out as an egg. This may seem like a walk down school biology class but it will help you understand the process better. During these weeks, the egg would start developing and the 6th week would mark the start of the embryonic period which means that the embryo will grow fast during these weeks. In the 7th week, baby starts developing internal sex organs but they are still somewhat same in the structure.

Pregnancy weeks: 9 to 13th

This is the time that you should hurry up and buy yourself the urine gender test for baby from Organic Gender because in the 9th week, the baby boy and baby girl starts developing differently. It is important to remember to not take the test before the 9th week because you will not get clear result.

Pregnancy weeks: 14 to 20th

The official pregnancy test is done at the hospital after you are 16 weeks pregnant so you can go get your ultrasound or sonogram done.

Gender Organic’s Baby Gender Predicting System And The Cycle Of Pregnancy