Rodents are one of the worst pests that you could find lurking around in your homes. If you live in the Roseville, Sacramento region, then you will be no stranger to finding some pests creeping in to your house from time to time. However, just because it happens a lot does not mean it is something you like, and is definitely not something one gets used to either. So even if you have become used to seeing a rat or mice run through your kitchen every now and then, it really isn’t something you will get used to, and so if this is a recurring problem, you should call Neighborly Pest Management, the best pest control Roseville has to offer. They have been working here since 1978 and have years of expertise and experience in handling all mice and rat infestations. The licensed exterminators know how to handle the situation and will not only exterminate the current infestation but will make sure that no new rats or mice find their way in to your house ever again.

A few signs that can help you find out, aside from a direct sighting of a rat or a mouse, if you have any rodents in your house are if you see any holes in boxes or any ripped packaging, if you find any structural damage in the dry walls near entry points in to your house, any claw and chew markings on your furniture or generally around the house, or if you find any droppings or smell of urine around the house.

Rats and mice are smart and very evasive animals and they are not usually going to get trapped in simple everyday mouse traps with a bit of cheese. To get rid of this pest, you will need to call some experienced exterminators.

Getting Rid of Rodents in Roseville