Below the Earth’s surface there is a never ending process of movement and energy transfer going on which ensure that the planet always stays warm from the inside, thanks to this, the upper 3 meters of the ground always maintain a temperature of around 10-16 degrees no matter how cold the weather gets, this heat can be gathered in order to provide heating through ground source heat pumps. Ground Source heat pumps are a renewable energy based heating system that gather heat from the ground and force it into your interior, providing an extremely efficient and cost effective heating solution.

The people of Essex often have to deal with cold weather, forcing them to spend significant sums of money in order to keep their conventional heating systems fed with power. Terra Therma is a company that plans to change that by providing people with access to various forms of renewable energy heating systems, one of them being ground source heat pumps, which they design and install for commercial and domestic properties. Ground source heat pumps are always effective since the Earth’s surface temperature remains constant throughout the year, they also act as heat sinks that draw heat out of your interiors in the summers.

This renewable energy heating system is expensive to get, but the cost savings are bountiful, the difference in expenses becoming obvious within 3 to 10 years, which may sound like a lot but in fact aren’t that much at all when you consider the benefits. Terra Therma has a team of experts that makes sure that every ground source heat pump that they install works as well as it can, they make use of high quality material and provide you with solutions that are worth their cost. In order to learn more about what they can do for you, get in touch with them today.

Ground Source Heating