A cyberattack can be really scary, and especially when successful you can end up losing a lot of valuable data, information and other important assets. Even the biggest websites and IT structures get attacked online, and have many times lost a lot because of it. Websites like Facebook, the official White House Correspondence site, and even e-commerce websites have been hacked and ended up losing a lot valuable data because of them.

If you happen to have a software or online infrastructure, it puts your business immediately at risk as well, and it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that you keep your online asset protected. Now some people only opt for Vulnerability assessments, and that happens to be a big mistake because vulnerability assessments will only detect potential flaws in your system. However, if you pair a vulnerability assessment with penetration testing, you can get a more comprehensive result.

A lot of reliable companies offer third party pen testing services which basically involves launching a “friendly” cyberattack on your system. The purpose of these cyberattacks is to probe into your system and identify weak spots and holes, and they will do this on every level ranging from security holes in supporting network landscapes, online application and actual physical characteristics of the premise as well. They will not only detect flaws in your system, they will actually bypass them and make you understand the actual risk it holds. The pen testing company will then honestly give you an overview of where your system has faults and then give you suggestions and advice that you should follow in order to cover those weak areas and further strengthen your online security so that you are better protected in case an actual cyberattack ever took place.

Hiring a Third Party Pen Testing Company