Can you imagine an office where there are no printed documents? No papers flying about? Whenever you imagine an office, you always imagine people hurrying here and there with stacks of papers in their hands. But now it is possible to be in an office without much paperwork and it can be in the form of pdf. The documents can be converted into pdf by many sites for e.g. Convert PDF 2 JPG. Someone has compared pdf to a working place without any papers which is very accurate.

5742c95b34e71scr_1460899178-700x435Before pdf, there was some software like PostScript, Adobe Illustrator etc. It was created by John Warnock, who is of the founders of the Adobe. Now pdf can be converted to jpg and jpg can be converted into pdf through Convert PDF 2 JPG. Pdf was supposed to be an in-office project in Adobe, which was to be used by the workers so that the documents could be viewed by everyone on their computers without the need of papers circulating everywhere.

The start of the pdf was in the office of Adobe but now documents can be converted into different formats by many sites like Convert PDF 2 JPG. Warnock was enthused at the idea of having magazines, brochures, flyers etc. on the computers in a way that the digital quality remains intact. He envisioned that the documents would be viewed on any computer at any time and could be printed or forwarded whenever the need arises.

Like many other sites, offers free services that allow you to convert pdf to jpg and jpg to pdf. From the time of John Warnock, pdf has benefitted everyone and has made office work easier. One of the good things about converting documents into pdf is that the digital graphics can be retained in their perfect form.

History of PDF and How It Evolved Over the Time