Too much screen time leads to vision hazards. In fact, Vision Council discovered that at least 70 percent of adults face some kind of digital eye strain. They also faced issues such as sore eyes, back pain, neck pain, blurred vision, headaches or general exhaustion because of the excess use of digital devices.

The trick is to manage our time in front of the screen but what if you work on a screen at least eight hours a day or own several screens? It is difficult to give yourself time out in such cases. To prevent digital eye strain, we must use computer glasses. So do computer glasses work for people who work in front of computer screens? The answer is yes.

Computer glasses are special purpose glasses that are particularly designed to optimize your vision while you’re looking at a digital screen of any size. They basically reduce glare which is the main source of eye strain. They maximize whatever you see through the lenses and most importantly increase contrast which makes it easier for individuals to work for longer periods.

There are two things you must keep in your mind before buying yourself a pair of computer glasses: Firstly, the anti-reflective coating because not all anti- reflective coatings are the same. There are many options available in the market. You must purchase the most advanced version along with at least one year’s warranty. Secondly, the color tints since the color tints filter out the harsh lights.

These computer glasses can cost you a fortune but you can always wait for the sales. Among many brands, anti-reflective coating brands include Teflon, Zeiss, and Crizal. What might set you back is the coating which starts off at $100 in accumulation to the lenses and the frame.

How Computer Glasses Work