If you have been using your phone, your computer a lot, it’s safe to say that you have heard about screen glasses or computer glasses. These glasses are made to protect your eyes against things like glare, and blue light filter; two of the major causes of headache, and eyestrain.

On the top, these screen glasses look like any other glasses, however, it’s the science that goes into making them that separates them from other glasses. You see, these glasses have protective layer on top of them that stops the blue light, or the glare from penetrating the glasses, and reaching our eyes.

There are 2 major methods that go into these glasses, there’s anti reflective coating, and then there is use of different tints. As per the research, both these methods work well, however, a lot of people prefer anti reflective coating because it doesn’t change the way the screen looks.

Now keep in mind that the anti-reflective coating is good for bouncing off the glare, majority of rays, however, the important thing here is that the anti-reflective coating should actually be good enough. A lot of users have complained that cheap glasses usually have terrible anti-reflective coating that simply doesn’t work as good as the more expensive glasses do.

Moving on to the tinted glasses, they work as they are named, these glasses are tinted (usually yellow) that blocks the reflective rays, as well as the blue light. Now the important thing that you should keep in mind here that there is an unmistakable yellow tint with these tinted glasses.

Sure, there are a number of benefits like protection from a variety of rays, and reflections, but at the same time, it may take some time to get adjusted to the different colour, it’s effective nonetheless.

How Do Computer Glasses Work?