Over the years if you have noticed, dash cams have become quite popular all around the globe as people have started to realize the advantages that they offer which isĀ  why we think that if you do not own a dashboard camera, you should buy one immediately and install it. Dash camera is used so that it can record the events that happen in the vehicle in which it is installed and events on the road which is a great feature and it helps people make recordings when they are on a road trip, when they lend their car to someone else, check up on their car when it is parked somewhere and of course the main attraction is that it can record an vehicular accident and show who was at fault.

For this article, we will be focusing on the different types (some of them) of dash cams that are available in the market so that you can get comprehensive knowledge about these tools, purchase the one that you need and use it properly for your fun and safety.

Dual Dash Cam With Night Vision

If you think that you would not need a dash cam for night then you are wrong because what if you are out in your vehicle at night and some accident happens? If you have a normal dash cam, it might not record the incident as clearly as possible but a dash cam with a night vision would be able to give you better footage and the WDR technology used would be able to provide you with clear details.

Dual Dash Cam With Parking Mode

These dash cams would provide you with eyes and record even when your car is parked so if anyone messes with it, you would know who it was.

How Many Types of Dashboard Camera Are There?