If you want to buy a dog for the first time, then you may have considered the Chihuahua as an option, and it’s quite normal, because it’s one of the most popular options nowadays. And we are going to tell you why you should pick it over the rest.

If you are really interested, then you should come with us and learn. And we are starting this article right now!

Perfect For Small Houses or Apartments:

If you want to have your own dog, yet don’t have a lot of space available, then you should choose the Chihuahua. It doesn’t require a big house to be happy, just a good space and that’s it. We learned this from the article in Spanish that discussed this topic: para quién es recomendable un chihuahua.

8ab77311b7d1b9828960d7eba16476c6Good For an Alone Person or a Couple with no Children:

A Chihuahua can be easily adapted to an alone person or a couple with no children. You can raise them even if you have children, it will be harder but certainly possible, but you can raise it by your own means and he won’t have any problem with it.

The unique thing you need to take into account is that your Chihuahua will need good training in order to don’t be aggressive to strangers or other dogs. That’s why socialization is a must do since a puppy.

Not a Lot of Care:

We know that having a pet implies lots of responsibility, but with the Chihuahua you will have an easier time. You can play with it indoors and just for a short time. So if you want to have a dog that won’t demand a lot of time from you, then you will fall in love with this one.

How to Know If You Should Buy a Chihuahua?