f893fbd0Hiding a dash cam in your car can bea tricky job. Nobody likes the wire of their camera dangling around and come in your way. With the best dash cams available online today. You can check up online to take the most of the device. There are ways you can hide them easily. You can do this by following the small tips and tricks mentioned below.
First things first, you need to get rid of the dangly wire that comes in your way while you drive or you find your hand or legs entangled in the wire. You can push the wire inside the interior of your car all the way through. By doing so, your car will look neater and more organized. For that purpose, you can also use hooks. These hooks are very cheap and they come with a hook at one side so that you can simply hook the wire up. If you are not so comfortable with hooks, you can go for an even cheaper method that is duct tapes. Ducts are easy to use and everyone has it in their homes. Hence, you do not need to go anywhere. To start with it, you will first need to start plucking your wire from the top. Move towards the right and continue the same procedure till you finally plug it in. The camera works when it plugged in. it consumes the battery of the car to function properly. You need to decide what suits you better. Choose which side suits you the best. It also depends on the type of car you have got.

You can buy the best dash cams and install it very easily. You can do it by following the instructions that are easily available online. Before actually purchasing a camera, search for best dash cams to check which camera will work best in your country with full features.

Installing the Dash Camera