Kayaking can be a great hobby and one with many rewards as well. Not only are you out in water (regardless of the type of body of water), you will be getting fresh air, lots of exercise and the best part of kayaking is the scenery. Regardless of whether you are kayaking in a calm estuary or in open water, you will always be surrounded by a scenic view.

If you want to start kayaking, your first step will involve buying a kayak. You can look up the best kayaks in 2017 reviews but that is useless if you do not know which type of kayak you want to go for to begin with. There are many different types of kayaks, this article will however be discussing only three types of them.

Recreational Kayaks:
Recreational kayaks are a great option for amateurs and novices. They offer good stability and a sturdy design. However, they cannot be used in open waters or in rough currents. They do their job best cruising through quiet lakes and estuaries etc. They are heavy so carrying them is not an easy task. They also have a small storage compartment for short trips.

Touring Kayaks:
Touring kayaks are more versatile than recreational kayaks but they are also more expensive. They can be used in calm waters as well long distance use in open water. They can also perform well in rough currents because their stability is very good.

Inflatable Kayaks:
Contrary to what you might be thinking, inflatable kayaks are actually very sturdy and stable. They are a good option for recreational kayaking. They are portable and when deflated, can be carried in a duffel bag. However, they are slow moving and a little difficult to maneuver.

Once you have decided which type of kayak you want to go for, you can check the best kayaks in 2017 reviews and then decide when you want to go from there.

Kayaks: Reviewing The Three Types