The title might have confused you and you maybe thinking that we are talking about the grains that we eat but we are not, we are talking about leather. The first thing that you need to know about leather is that it is basically the hide of an animal which goes through processes to become leather.

Leather is most taken from cattle but it can be of other animals too. Leather is very famous in the fashion world which means that there is a high demand of leather throughout the world which also makes it expensive. Even though leather is supposed to be durable, some levels of leather are not that long lasting and it all depends upon the type of hide and the processes that the skin went through. If you are searching for leather jackets for men in India then it is better that you the levels of leather that are available in the market so that you can make an informed decision.

Full Grain
Have you have come across leather that has marks and imperfections and you though that it is a bad type? Well we are here to tell you that you that you are wrong because the more scars, the better the leather is. Imperfections on leather means that the leather is pure and has not been through processes which means that it is at its strongest.

Top Grain
It is not as great as full grain but still is considered to be of good quality. This type or level of leather goes through the sanding process in order to remove all sorts of marks, indention and other things that are seen are imperfect quality but this particular process also weakens the leather which means that it will not last you that long.

Know Your Grains