In the corporate world, every little thing you wear, do and carry creates an impression of you on those around you. This impression can go both ways; you can immediately gain someone’s respect before you can even start talking or you could juts ruin every chance of them ever taking you seriously. This is why people spend so much money on high quality watches, pens and clothes.

To create a good impression with those who you are about to work with, you need to buy quality which reflects on your personality and tastes – it’s not just about money. A prime example of this is as follows; a lot of people end up paying premium prices for very convincing replicas, not knowing that what they’re buying is fake. This will make people around them think poorly of them and maybe even more so when they find out that they paid a lot of money for something fake.

This is why, if you’re looking for a premium Mont Blanc pen for work, you need to be very vigilant of replica Mont Blanc pens that look very similar to the real thing. We’ve found that there are hundreds of online vendors that are ripping people off by selling them fake pens. Fortunately though, there’s a limit to how far the makers of replica pens can get close to the real thing, which is why if you’re careful, you can tell fake from real.

One very good way to spot replica Mont Blanc pens is to use their serial number. Replica pens might also have serial numbers engraved in them but there’s no way that those serial numbers will show up on Mont Blanc’s databases. If you can’t find the serial number then you know for a fact that the pen you’re looking at is a fake regardless of how convincing it looks.

Know Your Pens