Ever since Canada legalized the use of cannabis, the researchers there are constantly studying the different components of cannabis and how they help in alleviating pain. Cannabis has a component called cannabidiol or CBD. This is an extremely beneficial non-psychotropic cannabis molecule because it has many healing properties.

What is CBD And Why is It So Popular?

Canadian scientists were able to recognize the many benefits of this CBD and saw it as a good alternative to THC and opioids. It is obtained from industrial hemp and scientists at McGill University in Canada described it as useful for pain relief. It became popular because it was able to counteract the effects of THC which is the psychotropic molecule of cannabis. Why CBD became more popular in the medicinal industry than THC is because all the detailed studies showed that it did not have any psychotropic effects like THC has. However, it is extremely beneficial in relieving pain. Why CBD doesn’t produce any psychotropic effects is because scientists studies, that it doesn’t bind with CB1 cannabinoid receptors. THC is able to produce psychotropic effects because it binds with CB1 Receptors.

Instead of CB1 it binds with the receptors associated with anxiety and pain as described on the website https://www.sativida.es/blogs/sativida. This is why it is able to relieve the patient’s pain. It became extremely popular in Canada after cannabis was legalized because it didn’t have any addictive tendencies and was able to cure the pain. It was also seen a better alternative to many other pain medications. The legalization of cannabis made it possible to cut down on the production of opioids since they are extremely addictive. With the discovery of CBD and its healing properties, better medications are being made using cannabidiol.

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada Was Actually Quite Beneficial