As times are changing, there are new innovations and enhancements being introduced that are potentially better or even replace their older counterparts. When it comes to housing, we will find shifting trends in designs and materials used as well; this is where liquid limestone comes in. Liquid limestones is now being used for many landscaping projects like driveways, patios etc. in place of concrete. In fact, most houses being built nowadays are opting for liquid limestone Perth over concrete or other traditional materials. If you are considering opting for liquid limestone, it is important that you read through the following advantages and disadvantages before you make your decision.

• The biggest advantage of liquid limestone or ‘poured limestone’ is that it leaves no space when it is being laid down. This means that it leaves no place for weeds to grow or for moisture or anything else of the sort to seep in.
• Liquid limestone also happens to be low-maintenance and it lasts for a relatively long time as well, making liquid limestone Perth a good option for people who do not have the time or resources for regular maintenance.
• Liquid limestone works for any sort of landscape and can be shaped into any kind of pattern or texture while it is being cured making it a very versatile option.
• Liquid limestone dries more quickly.

• Liquid limestone is relatively more expensive than concrete or other traditional options.
• Dried liquid limestone will not have any gaps or openings for water to trail off, so you will have to make a small drain or alternative for draining water during the rainy season.
• Once liquid limestone has settled in, you cannot move it around or make any changes, so your design will have no room for alterations later on, so it is important to be careful when finalizing your design.

Liquid Limestone: The Perks And Downsides