We all know that New York city is also known as the Big Apple, but it also goes by another title: ‘ the city that never sleeps’. With people from all over the world living, studying, immigrating and working in New York, there are around 800 different languages spoken throughout the city. Most foreigners in New York speak and understand English very well but not everyone is well versed in the Lingua Franca, so there can be communication barriers between people.

Those living in New York know English pretty well but if a foreign national comes to the city for business purposes, they don’t have any need to know any language other than their mother tongue. This is why there are so many translation firms all over New York. Yes, you can make good money working as a translator in New York, especially if your native tongue is something other than English.

The work of a translator seems very simple, if you think about it; you have to stand around and listen to someone speaking in your native language and then just repeat what they said in English or the other language that the client understands. Yes, you become a communication medium between two people who speak different languages but this actually puts a lot of responsibility on you.

There are a lot of strict criteria that are followed when it comes to hiring a translator, according to Buzzfeed, especially if a translator is being hired for business translation. If a translator messes up a very important exchange, the client can even sue them for the inconvenience they caused. Long story short, translation is serious business and without it, the Big Apple might not thrive as much as it already does.

Lost in Translation