You have to work hard to easily find tenants who would be willing to pay the amount of rent that you are demanding. A tip that we would like to give here is that all of the pointers that we are going to mention below can be adopted and used by people who are looking for tenants or even buyers for their condominium apartments.

Since apartments in condominiums like Mirvish Gehry Condos can be expensive, what people do is that they purchase these apartments and once they are done paying the mortgage, they rent them out for a handsome charge every single month and earn money happily ever after.

Beautify The Doorway

It might sound silly to you but if you would make the entrance to the apartment appealing, you would notice that many of the potential clients would be effected by it and would be open to your demands.

Market Right

You cannot make a condominium apartment appealing if it is nowhere in the market which means that you have to advertise it in the market the right way so that it reaches all potential tenants everywhere. For this purpose, you can even take the help of real estate agents as they would be able to tell you what tenants are looking for in apartments these days.

No Repairs

Before you invite potential tenants to visit the condominium and your apartment, make sure that there are no pending repairs left in the apartment because if the visitors find anything wrong, it might be enough to put them off from choosing your apartment.


You may think that it might not make a difference but cleanliness affects everyone which is why you should always clean up before you show your house to a potential tenant.

Make Your Condominium Apartment Appealing to Reap Benefits