If you have realized the attraction of getting your favorite pictures printed out and framed then you should be happy because you are one more person to join the group of people who now realize that often it is good to have favorite memories on display in the form of pictures. It is great having pictures on your cell phone, tablet or laptop but the problem is that you would need to open up your device and each time dig up the picture when you want to see it which is not all that convenient. The perk of getting your favorite picture printed out and hanged is that you can see it all the time which often proves to be a source of happiness for many people.

If you think that you know each and every thing there is to know about digital printing online then think again and keep thinking as we will be giving out information about certain points that are important to know and which will help you once you are placing your order with a company that provides this service.


Do you know that ink would play a huge role in how your picture would come out? It means that you should only choose a company that uses the best ink so that you can get the perfect picture. We would recommend going for a company that uses Canon LUCIA EX 12-Colour Pigment Ink System or a similar system.


The canvas should be of the finest quality and should be made up of cotton and polyester and the weave structure should be the right one. After the printing, the canvas should be coated with polyurethane as it will seal the ink and would increase the lifespan.

Online Printing Service: Do You Know All About It?