Power outages can are big concern for people who have to go through it every now and then. It affects the way of life so much as the entire duration of the outage is spent waiting at home and feeling dysfunctional. However, there are software for keeping people aware of power outages and the duration of a power outage. You can get this software integrated into your electrical distribution system so that you can keep track of power outages. This is necessary as people need to know so they can complete tasks that they won’t be able to do later. The system is embedded with an outage web viewer which is made solely for the convenience of customers. On this platform, customers can post the occurrence of a power outage so that their electricity provider can take care of it. It is essential to keep customers updated on the outages that could occur in the future and the duration of the existing outage so that they have some light to hold on to.

An outage management system works by gathering all the relevant and useful information in one place so it can be viewed and analyzed. It collects data from interfaces and systems such as SCADA, AVL and CIS systems. It is also able to collect extremely useful information about power outages from AMR/AMI from which it is able to tell the time when the next outage will occur, its nature and its duration. This makes the electricity providers extremely efficient in what they do as they’re able to know about the occurrence of an outage without the customer even reporting it and are able to send help. The rest of the tools it uses and its features can be viewed at milsoft.com.

Power Outages Can Be a Big Pain