It is very important that we stay aware of various infections and diseases that could plague our lives. Every person should ideally read up on common types of sicknesses that they should be on the lookout for, as it is always better to have a few preventive measures set up rather than going through the sickness and then trying to find a way to curb and cure the whole thing. One such infection that a lot of people should know about but usually do not are urinary tract infections in women. It is estimated that about half of the population of women across the world do become infected with this disease in their lifetime, and about a quarter of them experience urinary tract infections multiple times. These numbers are insane and steps must be taken to reduce them.

There is a real need for a few awareness campaigns across the world about the various dangers and the causes of urinary tract infections in women. As the second most common infection in the world for women, this deserves a lot more attention. People need to know what could happen and how much pain can be caused through urinary tract infections.

The worst thing that can happen if a person does contract a urinary tract infection is that their kidneys can shut down. If the infection does reach the kidneys you should get immediate medical assistance and try to get rid of the infection immediately.

The way this infection gets to you is through the bacteria in the colon. A bacterium called E. Coli can be transferred to the Urethra. This is responsible for about 90% of the infections caused worldwide. The alarming thing is that this is easily treatable but due to the low awareness about the infection people just do not know what to do.

Preventing Infections