If you are a chocolate lover but are also diet conscious then life must be hard for you. Everyone knows that chocolate is the ultimate enemy of someone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and people who are on a healthy diet maintain a safe distance from it but what if we are to tell you that you can eat chocolate and still be on a healthy diet? Better yet, what if we tell you that chocolate is healthy and has various health benefits? It sounds impossible but it is true and it has been proved through many studies. If you do not believe us then you can do online research yourself and you would see that there are many studies that support the claim that dark chocolate is healthy.

There have been many chocolate slim ┼čikayet where people complain that the chocolate diet did not work for them. One thing that we would like to mention here is that up till now chocolate diet has not been given the status of healthy diet scientifically even though many researches have been done on it and even though many of those researches give positive feed back, there is no scientific rule that proves that it is in fact healthy. Let us now look at the problems that can occur while you are doing the chocolate diet.

Weight Gain
Many people do not see any positive effect from the chocolate diet and their weight actually starts increasing. It could be because they are taking more than recommended amount of chocolate and not taking dark chocolate.

Loss of Energy
It is possible to feel lethargic while you are on a chocolate diet because chocolate is not a whole meal and it does not contain all the necessary nutrients.

Problems That Occur While Doing Chocolate Diet