The publishing section of Andy Prinz Pro Audio was founded in 2001 by Swiss producer and composer Andy Prinz who made his first official releases in 1993. With the launch of the in-house label Offshore Music and the close cooperation with numerous independent labels and major companies, Andy Prinz Pro Audio has gained a lot of attention and success within Electronic Music scene.

The company’s foremost objective is to continue making a mark on the electronic music of today, while pushing forth with the imaginations and the sounds of tomorrow. Andy Prinz Pro Audio Publishing covers various musical genres incl. Trance, Dance, Techno, Pop and Electronic Music in general. The catalogue is home to lots of titles by various composers and writers such as Andy Prinz himself, Aly & Fila, DJ Atmospherik, Mac Lane or many others.

Since January 2008, all our signings are co-published by SONY ATV in Germany.

The following artists / writers have signed at least one track with us:

Andy Prinz (Astura, Ayion, DJ Tatana, Greenhead, Timeok, Sandhoppers, ..)
Matthias Hillebrand (DJ Atmospherik, Saucermen)
Fadi Wassef & Aly El Sayed (Aly & Fila)
Jennifer Medjekal (Yeniloca)
René Zollinger (Mac Lane)
Angelo Bott (Solid Slide, Tradewind, ..)
Jan Elmer (DJ Jaro)
Sarah Naef/Flieg (Miss Royal S)
Guto Putti (Amazon)
Josef Sterba (Ayion)
Daniel Naegeli (Loco Slickers)
Michael Geiseler (DJ Greenhead)
Matthias Max (Mind One’s Vivid)
Henrik Iversen (NamNamBulu)
Marc Lime & Glen Dale (Lime’n’Dale)
Stephen Davis (Zone 4)
Lars & Sven Messmer (Delay)
Alexander Groebli (Friends of Street Parade, ..)
and many more..!

Our publishing division owns two recording and production studios. The “RedRoom Studio” is located at our office address.

Please address your publishing requests directly to Sony ATV Publishing in Germany or use the contact form within our Company section.

Andy Prinz Pro Audio Publishing is registered with the Swiss Copyright Authorities (SUISA). The Label Offshore Music is registered with the IFPI (Label Code LC13481).