Driving is an important job and demands immense attention as hundreds of lives are dependent on it. The increased traffic and resulted traffic accidents are becoming a major issue of every rich and poor country. The issue is serious in unprivileged countries where proper driving training while there are no speeding ticket attorney present there to help out a victim or guide a defendant. It’s necessary to make the driving training mandatory for every driver and check his skills on the basis of strict criteria.

A good driver always follows traffic rules and doesn’t violate traffic laws in any situation. He keeps a good knowledge of traffic laws and also knows the punishments he will face in the case of violation. He never drinks and forbids drugs. The life of the passengers and other road users are important for him and he considers himself responsible for their safety. A responsible driver doesn’t drive without a license and renews it before the expiry date.


Reliability and honesty are some other characteristics of a good driver. You can rely on him for transferring your goods and get his help in the case of an emergency situation. The drivers should equip themselves with the mechanical skills and know how to cope with a sudden situation in which they have to change the tire of the car or set the brakes.

Moreover, a good driver has a control on his nerves and he can handle any situation without losing his mind. He can skillfully park the car in small place and move the car from dangerous turn without getting stuck. He keeps alert every time and doesn’t ignore his surroundings. Over speeding and rash driving aren’t the traits of a good driver as the both are violations of traffic laws and endanger the precious human lives.

Qualities of a Good Driver